Bitmec, a new digital health system

Bitmec, a new digital health system 1584 822 manager

In developing countries such as Guatemala, the provision of health services by the State is and has been deficient, especially in rural areas of the country, where the level of basic health services are neglected, limited and undersupplied.

With millions of people living in underserved areas, there is a need to bring agile solutions as alternatives that gives access to medical care for the under-served.


Bitmec is a digital health system that delivers quality medical care at low cost to underserved rural areas. The Bitmec system consists of 3 pillars that are connected through an interactive web portal:

1. Patients located in rural communities.

2. A network of itinerant health promoters.

3. Network of remote doctors connected through the Bitmec portal.



1. Health Promoter:

Is an individual that belongs to the community that has basic medical training (nurses or nursing assistants). The health promoter is the point of contact between the patient and the doctor. His role is to register patient´s medical history and to create medical cases (record vital signs and fill up symptom reports for the patients). The promoter can communicate in Spanish and in local Mayan languages ​​so that the communication is fluid and there are no cultural gaps between all parties involved.

2. Network of doctors:

Doctors are located in a call center which operates from a remote location . The network consists mainly of general physicians, and other specific types such as pediatricians. Once a doctor receives a medical case (medical history, vital signs and symptoms) this information is analyzed by the doctor, followed by a video consultation and the ability to generate prescriptions, lab orders, etc

3. Patient:

Is a person who lives in a rural community that does not have access to quality medical care. The value proposition for this client is to offer a primary health care service at a reasonable cost and with the convenience of not having to move from their community, removing barriers such as cost of transportation and opportunity cost.

Bitmec brings healthcare where its never been before.