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Bitmec is a digital health system that delivers quality medical care at low cost to underserved rural areas. The Bitmec system consists of 3 pillars that are connected through an interactive web portal:

  1. Patients located in rural communities
  2. A mobile health promoters network
  3. Network of remote doctors connected to the Bitmec portal

Health Care Where It’s Most Needed!

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David Barac

Several years of experience as a technology startup entrepreneur.

José V. Ordóñez

More than 20 years of experience as a private equity and venture capital investor, senior banker and an entrepreneur.

Lorena Chacón

More than 18 years of experience advising and implementing rural economic development projects in multiple fields.

Álvaro Rivera

Over five years of experience in community medicine and public health.

Our Initial Pilot

Our Initial Pilot 1200 877 manager

Wanting to test our technology… A few months ago we launched our initial pilot in a small community called Duraznales, located five hours away from Guatemala City. Our pilot lasted…

Bitmec, a new digital health system

Bitmec, a new digital health system 1584 822 manager

In developing countries such as Guatemala, the provision of health services by the State is and has been deficient, especially in rural areas of the country, where the level of…

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